• Eligibility and Details


    1 Work injury happened on or after 1 September 2022.
    2 Engaged in the construction industry at the time of the work injury.
    3 Has sustained a musculoskeletal injury or contracted a musculoskeletal occupational disease prescribed under the Employees′ Compensation Ordinance (ECO) due to work injury.
    4 Has been absent from work for 6 weeks or more, or is expected to be absent from work for 6 weeks or more because of the work injury.

    • In order to grasp the golden period for rehabilitation treatment, the Pilot Programme is applicable to injured construction employees who have confirmed with the Labour Department their wish to join the Pilot Programme within 6 months from the date of the work injury.
    • Injured construction employees must undergo a clinical assessment by a Case Doctor to ascertain that their injuries are suitable for treatment under the Pilot Programme before they can actually join the Pilot Programme.

    Details of participation

    1 The Labour Department will, based on the reported work injury cases, preliminarily identify suitable injured construction employees and contact them to introduce the Pilot Programme.
    2 Eligible injured construction employees who wish to join the Pilot Programme have to confirm with the Labour department their wish to join the Pilot Programme early within 6 months from the date of the work injury. (Tel: 2417-6594)
    3 The Labour Department will pass information of the work injury cases to the Work Injury Rehabilitation Office (WIRO) with the consent of the injured employees.
    4 WIRO will contact the injured employees to follow up the application procedures.
    If injured employees suspect that their employers have failed to report their work injuries or prescribed occupational diseases to the Commissioner for Labour, they can approach the Employees′ Compensation Division (ECD) of the Labour Department direct. Addresses and enquiry line are as below:
    • Central Processing Team of the ECD: Room 1007, 10/F, Cheung Sha Wan Government Offices, 303 Cheung Sha Wan Road, Kowloon
    • Addresses of other ECD offices: Please refer to the Labour Department′s webpage
    • Enquiry line: 2717-1771 (the hotline is handled by "1823")
    • Employers should comply with the requirement of the ECO on reporting of work injury cases to the Commissioner for Labour as soon as possible to allow the Labour Department to contact the injured employees early.
    • Participation in the Pilot Programme will not affect the rights and benefits of the injured employees under the ECO.
  • Rehabilitation and Return-to-Work Facilitation Journey

    Service journey under the Pilot Programme

    1. Work Injury Rehabilitation Office assigns a Case Manager to follow up an injured construction employee joining the Pilot Programme.
    2. The Case Manager arranges speedy rehabilitation treatment services for the employee.
    3. The rehabilitation treatment team develops rehabilitation treatment plan for the employee, and the Case Manager provides psychological and emotional support to the employee.
    4. The Case Manager and the rehabilitation treatment team develop a return-to-work plan for the employee. The plan includes coordinating with employer on work trial, light duties or work modification by the Case Manager where appropriate, feasible and agreeable between the employer and the employee, with a view to facilitating the employee′s gradual adaptation.
    5. Help the employee return to pre-injury job or take up new work.

  • Service Fee

    • The Pilot Programme is mainly funded by the Government
    • Participants only need to pay the same fees as public hospitals/ public clinics*
    * The employee can claim reimbursement of the medical expenses from the employer in accordance with the Employees′ Compensation Ordinance (ECO). Employers are required to fulfill their statutory obligations under the ECO to pay the employee medical expenses for treatment of work injury. For a Concise Guide to the ECO, please refer to the Labour Department′s webpage.